Apex Legends has started to look like a game that grew too popular too quickly. There are a number of ongoing issues that the community hopes to see tackled as soon as possible. These range from rampant cheating to lackluster content, from bugs and glitches to stability concerns, and much more. Respawn Entertainment wants you to know that all of these issues will be settled but in due time.

Taking to Reddit last night, executive producer Drew McCoy noted that having more than 50 million players in a short period was always going to birth frequent issues. The developer had to redirect resources and restructure its internal teams to meet the demands of the growing player-base. In this regard, some good progress has been made towards a healthier experience. However, much more is needed to be done for Apex Legends.

The following are some of the critical issues that the developer is currently prioritizing. There’s no time frame on when they will be properly addressed but you can keep your fingers crossed that most of them will get resolved by the end of the season.

Lag at the beginning of a match

It has been happening for a few weeks now that the game lags incredibly hard for the first few minutes of the match. This can be so bad that your game starts looking like a slideshow. According to the developer, the problem does not lie with the online servers. It’s actually a problem with the game itself that an instance is putting too much load on the same server machine. Respawn Entertainment is currently trying to find the root cause.

Missing and jumbled audio

Have you ever wondered how an enemy was able to sneak behind you even though they were sprinting? It so happens that their footsteps are without audio — a bug that has been around since launch. According to the developer, some potential fixes have been readied and will be released soon.

Bad hit-registration

Respawn Entertainment is adding engine features to help track down and report instances of incorrect hit-registrations. This will help the developer to reproduce the exact problem and then find a fix. Until then, legends like Pathfinder get to enjoy dodging gunfire.

Cleansing cheaters

There’s a lot of work being done behind the scenes to further harden the anti-cheat against injected players. However, the developer has to remain secretive in order to not inform cheat-makers about what defensive measures Apex Legends will be using in the long run.

Seasonal content

Just for clarification, every upcoming season will start with a new Battle Pass, a new Legend, and “something new for the meta,” which probably hints at new weapons.

Seasonal updates

Respawn Entertainment never intended to update Apex Legends on a weekly basis, something that everyone started to assume after the first season launched. However, the developer has promised to continue addressing issues throughout the course of a season as quickly as possible, as long as the issues are small in nature.

McCoy also confirmed that the first details about what you can expect from the second season will be revealed at EA Play in June. For now, rest assured that the second Battle Pass will have more meaningful content that doesn’t feel like a grind. In addition, Kings Canyon will be receiving changes, which might be a hint at a thematic season like Fortnite.

“In order to fully support Apex Legends, we are pushing out plans for future Titanfall games and no resources from the Apex Legends team are being shifted to other titles in development here at the studio, nor are we pulling resources from the team working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” said McCoy.

Apex Legends was actually believed to be Titanfall 3 before the battle royale game was unveiled. The third installment has been in the works for years and most recently touted as a “premium title” in the franchise.

Apex Legends is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.