Fatalities are the most brutal and violent way of finishing an opponent in Mortal Kombat 11. They serve as a stark reminder that these fighters, regardless of their personal goals and allegiances, are putting everything on the line when they jump into the arena.

Mortal Kombat 11 features two Fatalities per character, with only one of them available from the start. You will have to unlock the other by opening chests in the Krypt, which may prove to be grind because of how the rewards are randomly generated.

However, even if you haven’t unlocked a Fatality, you can still perform it by punching the correct input commands. There is where the following list comes in. Pick out your favorite characters from below and know how to do their Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11.

Take note that you can also perform a Mercy instead. Doing so will bring back your defeat opponent with a sliver of health and give them a second chance. You can head here to know how to show mercy to your beaten opponents.

Legend (Movement and Buttons)

  • B – Back
  • F – Forward
  • U – Up
  • D – Down
  • 1 – Front Punch
  • 2 – Back Punch
  • 3 – Front Kick
  • 4 – Back Kick

Food For Thought (Close) – B, D, B+2
Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close) – B, F, B+3

Cassie Cage
I <3 U (Mid) – D, D, F+4
#GirlPower (Far) – B, D, D, B+2

Maintaining Balance (Mid) – B, D, F, D+4
Good And Evil (Mid) – B, D, B+3

New Species (Close) – B, F, B+3
Can’t Die (Mid) – B, D, D+4

Erron Black
Melted (Mid) – D, D, D+1
Death Trap (Mid) – D, F, D+2

Ice Sculpture (Close) – F, B, D+1
The Cyber Initiative (Mid) – B, F, D, F+4

Phasing Through Time (Anywhere) – B, D, D+3
Peeling Back (Close) – D, F, B+1

Jacqui Briggs
Spider Mines (Mid) – F, B, F+3
Nothin’ But Neck (Mid) – B, F, B+4

Bow Before Me (Anywhere) – D, D, F, D+4
Pole Dance (Close) – B, F, D, F+1

Jax Briggs
Coming In Hot (close) – F, D, F+3
Still Got It (close) – B, F, B, D+1

Johnny Cage
Mr Cage’s Neighborhood (Close) – F, B, D, D+4
Who Hired This Guy (Close) – F, D, F+1

Road Rash (Mid) – B, F, D, F+3
Hooked (Close) – D, D, D+4

Last Dance (Close) – F, D, D+1
Face Like A Dropped Pie (close) – B, D, F+2

Gore-Nado (Mid) – D, D, D, D+2
Royal Execution (Mid) – D, B, F+1

For The Kollection (Close) – D, D, D, D+4
Head Lanter (Close) – D, F, B+1

Kotal Kahn
Totem Sacrifice (Close) – B, D, B+3
Kat Food (Close) – B, F, B, F+1

Kung Lao
Headed Nowhere (Close) – D, F, B, D+2
Meat Slicer (Close) – D, F, D+3

Liu Kang
Burn Out (Close) – D, B, D, F+1
Belly of the Beast (Mid) – B, D, B, F+2

Noob Saibot
Split Decision (Mid) – B, F, B, F+4
Double Trouble (Close) – D, D, D+1

Alternating Current (Mid) – B, D, B+1
Direct Current (Close) – D, F, B+3

You’re Next (Far) – B, D, D+1
Chain Reaction (Far) – D, F, B+2

Shao Kahn
Back Blown Out (Close) – B, F, D, D+2
Kahn-Sequences (Close) – B, F, B+1

Bloody Mess (Mid) – F, B, D+3
Heart Condition (Mid) – D, D, F+4

Sonya Blade
To The Choppa (Mid) – D, F, B+2
Supply Drop (Close) – B, F, D+3

Ice-Cutioner (Mid) – B, F, B+2
Frozen In Time (Mid) – F, D, F+4