Unlike previous installments, your player hub in Borderlands 3 is a gigantic spaceship called Sanctuary III that travels between worlds beyond Pandora. It’s a non-player driven vehicle, meaning that you can’t manually pilot the craft. It only serves as a centralized base of operations for you to interact with a number of characters, receive updates, access vendors, and prepare for your next mission.

The story campaign will probably detail just how Sanctuary III came into being. For now, you just need to know what the player hub looks like and what facilities it has. For the most part, the Borderlands 3 player hub is not much different from its predecessors. There are a few new introductions though and also the fact that you’ll be based in deep space.

Moxxi’s bar

The alluring owner of various bars throughout Pandora has one on Sanctuary III as well. It’s where people on-board often come to take a break and as expected, has a line of slot machines that spit out random items. Do remember to drop a tip at the counter for Mad Moxxi and her services to the people of Pandora over the years.

Marcus’ Munitions

The no-refunding owner of all ammunition and weapon vending machines on Pandora is running shop on Sanctuary III. You can drop in anytime to purchase new weapons, mods, and storage upgrades from Marcus Kincaid. He also has a shooting range in the back.

Tannis’ infirmary

The leading expert on Eridians and the Vault is now running an infirmary on Sanctuary III. Patricia Tannis still has a tenuous grip on sanity, as evident from her using a dead Skag as a “fleshy sleeping bag” on the examination table. She’s, however, your only option for medical aid in deep space.

Ellie’s hangar

The daughter of Mad Moxxi is the mechanic of Sanctuary III. Ellie will be the one supplying you with all sorts of vehicles, as well as upgrading them in her spare time if you can deliver the right parts.

Hammerlock’s trophy room

The famous hunter is also on-board Sanctuary III. Sir Hammerlock has a large trophy room to his disposal where you can mount the heads of creatures hunted in the wilds.

Crazy Earl’s door

The anti-social individual has made his way onto Sanctuary III as well. Crazy Earl can be found behind his favorite locked door when you’re interested in exchanging rare Eridium currency for crucial upgrades.

Personal quarters

Sanctuary III has a personal quarter for each of the four new Vault Hunters. These rooms are themed differently in each case and can be customized to an extent. You can decorate the walls and hang weapons on plaques for starters. There are likely other modifications as well that Gearbox Software hasn’t mentioned.

Vending machines

There are two vending machines at the entrance of Sanctuary III. The first is a Quick Change station that modifies your appearance and possibly re-specs your skill points. The second is a new lost-and-found outlet that delivers loot you lost during a mission. Anything that you forgot to pickup can be retrieved from here.

The bridge

Sanctuary III has the interstellar technology to travel between different worlds once they are unlocked. There’s no telling just how many worlds there will be in Borderlands 3 but Promethea, a futuristic metropolis far removed from the familiar wastelands of Pandora, is one of them. There will likely be a few more.

Golden chest

Much like with previous Sanctuaries, Sanctuary III has a golden chest as well. For those unaware, it’s a unique treasure chest that spawns high-level items but can only be opened with a Golden Key.

Borderlands 3 is currently available for pre-order on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s exclusive to the Epic Games Store until next year when it releases for Steam.