Following a few years of healthy teasers, Gearbox Software has finally announced Borderlands 3 in the much-loved loot-and-shoot franchise.

Taking the stage at PAX East earlier today, studio founder and president Randy Pitchford ran the first trailer for the upcoming sequel — thrice due to technical issues that were causing the stream to stutter for those watching from their homes and offices.

The gameplay footage has the appropriate amount of action-packed mayhem (and explosions!) as well as plenty of familiar faces from throughout past installments. Pretty much everyone is back — Lilith, Maya, Ellie, Marcus, Mordecai, Tiny Tina, Sir Hammerlock, Lady Aurelia, Rhys, Claptrap (of course), and a lot more.

Borderlands 3 seems to be a massive reunion for the franchise but there are going to be no celebrations just yet, at least not until the Calypso twins and their attempts to brainwash the populace of Pandora are dealt with. Then there are the regular baddies such as mutants, psychos, giant robots, fire-breathing dinosaurs, and such. Thankfully, there will be “over a billion guns” for you to choose from in this regard.

The four new Vault Hunters look pretty fun to play as well. The buffed female Hunter can summon giant arms. The younger female Hunter can summon a mech that can apparently be co-piloted. The older male Hunter can create holographic versions of himself. Finally, the robot hunter can call in several pets to fight alongside. They all shall adventure through a variety of beautiful locations such as desert wastelands, sleek cities, and swamplands.

It becomes quite obvious that Gearbox Software put in a lot of love while developing the sequel. It took a long time but the wait was definitely worth it.

There is no word on when Borderlands 3 is scheduled for release. Gearbox Software has promised more details next week but it would not make any sense to hold back a release date for just a couple of days. Since the debut trailer confirms most of what older leaks claimed, Borderlands 3 is probably looking to launch early next year.

Take note that next week is also when Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is a remaster of the original installment, complete with all of the expansion packs and a lot of improvements and changes. It will be free for those who already own the game on Steam.