Having been leaked late last week, it was unsurprising to see Bleeding Edge appear at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2019) during Microsoft’s press conference. The announcement trailer ran as expected, which finally allows Ninja Theory to start talking about its new project.

Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer-only cooperative game that focuses on melee combat between two four-player teams in a dystopian future. The cast of playable characters and their bizarre weapons reflect upon the setting and whatever lore there might be. Unlike other battle-arena games, Bleeding Edge features stylish combat inspired by the Devil May Cry franchise. The action promises to be intense but extremely satisfying.

If it wasn’t already obvious, Bleeding Edge follows a hero-shooter approach like Overwatch, which will become more clear once the developer rolls out more playable characters, lore events, and such. This is also where you can expect a ton of microtransactions (and loot boxes?) for cosmetic upgrades.

Bleeding Edge remains without a release date but a technical alpha will go live on June 27, 2019 for PC. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass when it finally launches. Interestingly, previous rumors pegged the game to have a PvE segment as well where a group could run through multiple levels in an hour-long dungeon with bosses. That’s something that the developer might touch upon in the weeks to come.

Ninja Theory is one of many studios that was acquired by Microsoft last year to start working on games in-house for Xbox and Windows 10 platforms. Bleeding Edge is the first offering from the makers of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and DmC: Devil May Cry in that regard. The cooperative melee project was already in development a few years before Microsoft made the offer. The company definitely liked what it saw when it decided to bring Ninja Theory into the fold.